Teaching Philosophy

Building from my research on student motivation, my approach to teaching emphasizes creating a social, interactive classroom environment that fosters students' confidence and encourages them to see the value in their work. 

These goals are rooted in theories including Stage-Environment Fit, Self-Determination Theory, Expectancy-Value Theory, and Social Goals Theory.


Available to Teach...

Statistics for Education

Lower division undergraduate course

Why do future teachers and administrators need to know statistics? This course goes beyond the foundational mathematics to cultivate students' interest in and critical consumption of statistics through project-based learning. A newer version of this course based out of UCLA utilizes R to help students visualize variation by manipulating data themselves.

Structural Equation Modeling

Doctoral level graduate course

Building on the basics of multiple regression, this course is designed to introduce SEM as a method that can test hypothesized processes and measure latent constructs. This is designed as a lab-based course in which students use sample data to construct and test models using their own software (e.g., Mplus, STATA)

Motivation in Education

Upper division undergraduate course

Why aren't my students succeeding? This course reviews the development of motivational theory over the past century and how it has been applied to understand students' success in school. Theories will address how to understand students' individual motivation (e.g., Expectancy-Value Theory, Achievement Goal Theory) and how to construct environments that support motivation (e.g., Stage-Environment Fit Theory, Self-Determination Theory)

Technology and Education

Upper division undergraduate course

What happens when we make education digital? Students will explore the affordances of incorporating technology into the classroom, and the challenges of conducting a course over the Internet. Expertise will be built through students' creation of video posts and use of online tools. This course is well suited to be an online course for the purpose of demonstrating its objectives.