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McPartlan, P., Rutherford, T., Rodriguez, F., Shaffer, J., & Holton., A. (forthcoming). Modality motivation: Selection effects and motivational differences in students who choose to take courses online. Internet and Higher Education.

McPartlan, P., Solanki, S., Xu, D., & Sato, B (2020). Testing basic assumptions reveals when (not) to expect mindset and belonging interventions to succeed. AERA Open, 6(4), 1-16.

McPartlan, P., Umarji, O., & Eccles, J. (2020). Selective importance in self-enhancement: Patterns of feedback adolescents use to improve math self-concept. Journal of Early Adolescence. Advance online publication.

Xu, D., Solanki, S., McPartlan, P., & Sato, B. (2018). EASEing Students Into College: The Impact of Multidimensional Support for Underprepared Students. Educational Researcher, 47(7), 435–450. doi: 10.3102/0013189X18778559.

Under Review

McPartlan, P., Rutherford, T., & Holton, A. Belonging across contexts: Implications for theory and measurement of a popular motivational construct. Submitted to Contemporary Educational Psychology.

McPartlan, P., Thoman, D., Poe, J., & Smith, J. L., Faculty gatekeepers: Understanding expectancy, value, and cost concerns to implement a diversity-enhancing intervention. Submitted to BioScience.

In Prep

McPartlan, P., Dicke, A. L., Safavian, N., Rodriguez, F., Li, Q., Rutherford, T., Eccles, J., & Holton, A. The utility of click data: Behavioral mediators of motivational interventions.

McPartlan, P., Li, Q., Rutherford, T., Yu, R., & Xu, D. Challenges of improving peer interactions in online courses: The cost of social presence

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Instructor Presence in Online College Classrooms

Digital Discovery Seminar, UC Irvine

Battle to Belong: Keeping Underrepresented Students in STEM

California State Capitol, Sacramento

Studying Psychology and Motivation in STEM Classrooms

Workshop for SABER West Conference

Constructing Measures

Workshop for School of Education, UC Irvine


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RAPID Grant: COVID-19 and Social Networks


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