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Collaboration: I am always excited to talk with researchers and practitioners who are interested in helping students, especially if they want to do so by building social support and motivation.

Statistical Consulting: Feel free to inquire about a little (or a lot!) of extra help if your project could benefit from advanced quantitative methods. Whether it's linear models, structural equation modeling, or mixture models (cluster analysis, LCA) I approach consulting as an opportunity to for everyone involved to learn together. Don't forget that these methods depend on good measures! I also specialize in survey design and administration, including experience sampling. Email me to learn more. I love sharing in folks' excitement about their projects!  

Conversation: What are we doing and why are we doing it? Our fascination with these questions is why I think "Doctor of Philosophy" is a great title for the degree! Whether we apply those questions to our teaching, our research methods, or the Netflix movies we watch, these types of conversations leave me feeling inspired. If you're the same, let's chat!

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